Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why "Breaking bread" ?

Thesaurus: legend
Verb1. break bread: to have a meal, usually with company.

I picked "Breaking Bread" for the name of my blog because to me the best part of cooking are the people you are cooking for.

As far back as I can remember, my home has been the place for gatherings. As a child my parents loved to entertain. And since a good percentage of my family lived on the same block it was always easy to rally a group.

Once on my own, I continued the tradition with my friends. While in culinary school, we would get together to watch the X-Files and I would practice what I had learned that week. They were really impressed when I learned how to de-bone a chicken with out breaking the skin.

In moving from Seattle to New Orleans I have found my home. Not only do they love to eat in New Orleans, but they LOVE to get together!

I find that most food bloggers are writers with a passion for food. I am the opposite. I am a chef with a desire to share my food. So please bear with me and my grammar. I was never great at writing but I figure that maybe having food as my muse I can over come my writing my handicap.