Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Although I take on any culinary request that comes my way, my main job is baking for the local farmers market. The Crescent City Farmers Market to be exact.
I joined the market after Katrina. (Hurricane Katrina, we are on a first name bases with her here in New Orleans)
I love the market. I love the connection I have with all my customers. I see their children grow, and learn to walk and talk. I know when and where they go on vacation. And they know everything that happens in my life. Mostly because I talk too much.
And the other vendors are such great teachers. I have learned so much about farming and fishing. Mother nature can be so giving and so fickle.
I get to try fish that I have never heard of growing up in Seattle. Who knew that "Sheep's Head" was a fish.
I love how exited we all get with a new season of produce is about to arrive. We are in the middle of peach season. The peaches are as big as soft balls. And if you hit the breeze just right you can smell their bouquet. My favorite season is citrus season. I mostly love it because of the Meyer Lemons but it also means the end of summer, which in New Orleans is a reason to celebrate.